Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Memorable Fancy on Health Care (What I Know)

Like I said, i don't know much about the health care debate to argue it well. But here's what I know.

What I know is that in my old city of Inglewood last month, Remote Area Medical had free check-ups at the old Forum where the Lakers and Kings used to play. 6,344 people received over 14,5000 services and thousands more were turned away daily. People waited outside for hours/days to receive a ticket to get in there and if they didn't, they had to come back.

“An infected tooth can’t wait while Congress debates healthcare reform. We’re taking care of people who need help now.” - RAM founder Steve Brock.

What I know is that those who received the wide range of services were eternally grateful for them. Yes they were free handouts, but when you are desperate and need help, a helping hand is never going to be turned away.

What I know is this is the face of the health care debate. Not the town halls, not the halls of Congress. These are the people who will ultimately benefit from a health care bill.

What I know is that Sen. Ted Kennedy appealed for this for years. A man from one of the most well-to-do families in the country starting calling for better care for seniors when he was a rookie Senator in the 60's. The Lion of the Senate appealed for what was good for the people, not his own castle or pockets.

That's why it broke my heart and angered me when I saw a "Bury Obamacare With Kennedy" sign at the 9/12 rally. A man who had friends (not just supporters, FRIENDS) on both sides of the aisle and he's an insult for that? A man who fought for that very person holding the sign? Shameful.

What I know is that America is so rich and loaded with resources that we can do more to help not just the least of these but many folks who feel handcuffed by their care provider.

What I know is that we can't rush this without thinking it through. But while you debate it Congress, remember those who need it. Do what's best for them, not your friends in the back room. These people are counting on you and President Obama to do what's right. Don't make that sign come true and bury Sen. Kennedy's lifelong wish in his grave.

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