Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Memorable Fancy on Health-Care (Public School Analogy)

I don't know much in depth about health care off the top. But I know that this fuss about public option is a serious problem. For critics of it who think that it will make insurance companies bankrupt and put them out of business, here's an argument from public schools.

Public schools are there for anybody to go to. They are free and if you live in that school district, it's where your kids are going. Now many people don't like most public schools because of a lot of factors (quality of education, overcrowded, etc...) so they choose to pay for private schools since it's the best way to ensure your kid will get prepared for college. Parents have to option to either pay for private education or enjoy free public education - their choice.

Charter schools have come up as well as a counter to public schools. They're free and open via lottery selection. It's also taking some of the better students out of public schools but there are still kids who are succeeding at public schools around the country. I know its hard out here for the LA Unified School District to do that, but kids find a way to make it work.

It seems like people forget that six-letter word OPTION. It's a choice people. If you don't want it, don't take it. Take whatever choice works best for you (i.e. what we just did last year when you picked Obama or McCain) and just like the decision on whether to go with public or private education, you'll be better off for it because it is your call.

What's funny about this is that people who have great health care are arguing about what to do with people who have zero health care. They are more worried about the insurance companies going broke instead of the American citizens who have to ignore health concerns due to costs.

I don't think UCLA is worried about USC's enrollment numbers. San Diego State and UC San Diego's education is still top notch despite the fact my alma mater University of San Diego is a beautiful private school. The students who pick the schools do so because they feel its a great fit for them.

Me personally, I like the health care plan I have so this public option won't affect me. But for people around me who don't have a choice and need something that suits them, this will give them more chances instead of being given one public choice that can be manipulated for someone's advantage.

If there's one public school in the area and you can't afford the private schools, you have no choice but to go there. So what if the books are old and the teachers aren't adequate and the district isn't doing their job - you don't have a choice. Now when you have options, it makes everyone step their game up for your services.

I hope if the bill passes with public options, it makes insurance companies stop being comfortable and do more to convince people why they should sign with them. That's your job as a company - convince me why I should sign with you instead of taking me for granted.

Let the public decide what is best for them since this is about their health. A choice is better than not having the resources to make the choice.

That's my little take on this matter. I mean I dont know if that analogy makes sense and obviously I don't know the cost of it all but this idea of competition being bad all of a sudden after deregulation ran rampant during the Bush Administration is foolish.

It treats the public like children and instead of choosing between public school and private school...its private health care or nothing at all.

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