Tuesday, September 15, 2009

VSR: Chargers Escaped a Silver (and Black) Bullet

The title says it all. Last night, I was surprised that the Raiders were faster, hit harder and played more aggressive than the Chargers. Give credit to Richard Seymour's additionand the Raiders offensive line just shoving the Chargers front seven out of the way as they outplayed them for nearly the whole game.

NEARLY being the key word because they did that in spite of JaMarcus Russell looking like a college QB missing easy throws and making simple mistakes. And once again, Phillip Rivers showed why he's maturing into one of the league's best QB's with great 4th quarter play and a great final drive to win the game.

That Chargers run D however looked mad suspect and while I give props to McFadden and Michael Bush (been a fan of his since college), they have got to do better. And what's up with the secondary giving up a long TD pass on 4th and long?

I'll take the win but it was an ugly win of survival....and did anybody else notice that LT was on the sidelines for most of the 4th quarter? I already proposed the idea of LT and Sproles splitting carries but LT did not look like himself last night against a team he owns. I'd be worried Charger fans...Sproles showed he can handle the rock more often but we need LT to have that one good year before we start worrying about him on the decline. I fear it's here.

Quick Pro Hits
- Adrian Peterson (180 yds, 3 TDs) = Unstoppable. Like my co-worker said, Cleveland didn't want to tackle him and that long TD run might be the best I've seen on the pro level in a while
- Great start Cowboys! Tony Romo looked sharp (over 350 yds and 3 TD's), Crayton and Austin look ready to step up with Roy Williams
- Methinks Tom Brady is back, what say you? Buffalo straight choked against the wrong team and the wrong QB. I was laughing at Brady making Suzy Kolber chase him but hey, when you played well in your first game back in a year on the road, that swagger is high.
- Mark Sanchez = Joe Cool. I remember watching his first start at home last year against Ohio State and he was calm then like he was on Sunday. He doesn't get rattled one bit.
-Why was I thinking about that scene in Friday when Debo took dude's bike the moment Hines Ward fumbled that football. "He gonna cry in the car on the way home." Nobody was happier that night when they won.

College Hits

It's gonna be freshman weekend for USC and UCLA cause now the Bruins have to start a true freshman after the Fresh Prince got his jaw rocked against them Tennsesse Bwoys (c) Grits. Richard Brehaut I hear is a good QB, accurate as heck, but we'll see how he does against K-State this weekend.

I have to show some love to sophomore safety Rahim Moore. 2 Games, 5 INT's. We knew he'd be great in HS when he started as a sophomore and was named All-City, but he's breaking out in a big way.

Can people stop giving Matt Barkley a lot of credit? Yes he drove the team on that final drive but he's gotta share that game ball with Joe McKnight. McKnight had 54 yards on that drive and if not for his big plays on short passes, USC loses that game. I give Barkley his props for directing it and making the right plays.

USC isn't national title caliber yet and when they travel to Washington - they'll face the best QB they've seen all year. A real dual-threat in Jake Locker and an inspired Huskies led by two coaches trying to prove to Pete Carroll they can win without him.

- Terrelle Pryor. Meet Tate Forcier. He's doing what you should be doing right now - remind yourself why you committed to play for one of the most conservative coaches who's using you wrong.

- Florida's schedule is so easy, I could play QB and still win by 30 in their first two games.

- Your real darkhorse Heisman candidate is Jahvid Best (323 total yards, 4 TDs)

I'm gonna end it cause I should've done this Monday night instead of now. I had a lot on my mind and I was freestyling in my personal journal random thoughts on a wide range of issues.

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