Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Different Name, Same Game

I've started this blog two years ago with the plan to serve up a piece of my mind and I've been very proud of how I've done it. I have more pride for my non-sports takes but I still love the sports pieces because that's part of me. I came up with the name Enter the Virgosis because I felt people were entering my mind and they needed to come in open-minded.

Now it's time to change the name. I thought it was catchy at first (E-TV) but then I realized it didn't roll off the tongue that well. Then I thought about my posts - I write long ones because even in a low attention span society, my thoughts can't be confined to 140 characters or a Facebook status update. If you were talk to me in person, I'd have a lot to say on an issue because it's not so simple. I don't apologize for it, I just try to make it interesting for y'all.

I thought about the name for a while and this is what I came up with. Virgo Gumbo. Still keeps the Virgo essence - my Virgo essence which is absent from astrology, fate or anything that a sign is supposed to tell you - but it brings up my favorite Southern dish. 

Gumbo: A hodgepodge of meats, vegetables, spices and seafood all served over rice. It's a mix of anything and when it comes out, it comes out good. The key ingredient is the roux - that makes the gumbo thick and not really watery. I'm very particular on the gumbo I eat after having it straight from my Dad's creation. If it ain't thick, my mouth won't taste a lick.

My blog posts are like a pot of thick gumbo where I want y'all to sit and chop it up with me. I talk about a wide variety of things so when I open my door and say come on in, you may see sports, politics, life or whatever. 

Enter the Virgosis is now in the past. Virgo Gumbo is the present. The name's different but my game's the same. Grab a bowl and share in what I cook up.


  1. First!
    Go Virgo Gumbo Go!!
    Looking forward to your posts my man, especially that one about Morgan St. around March 17 or 18.

  2. VG in full effect! March 17-18, I'll be sure to mention Morgan State or whatever HBCU gets there just for you when they get blasted by Duke!

  3. Im glad you told me...i missed it!!

  4. No Prob! I'm just making sure folks know that I changed the delivery, not what's inside.