Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2010

1. MJ vs. Prince

2. John Mayer's Playboy Comments and discussing race

3. The Sprite Step Off where the White sorority got robbed and the UCSD noose incident

4. Reflecting on "Up in the Air" and my life - written just as I resigned from the paper

5. Killing the "Free (Insert Rapper)" Movement - a long time coming

6. LBJ's Decision - Winners and Losers

7. My Inspirations. LiteratureIdealsMusicPlacesPeople

8. Why Kanye reminds me of me

9. Tearing Apart Columbus Day - had a lot of fun with this.

10. The Dangerous Road Before Barack Obama - my James Baldwin moment

Bonus. This might be the most important thing I've written this year personally. My moment of waking up and realizing I need to look in the mirror. Identity Crisis, Purpose Found

Picking 10 was hard as heck considering I loved a lot of my posts but these are the 10 that I really enjoyed writing. You might have liked a few more. Which ones?

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