Thursday, January 20, 2011

Electric Relaxation: Prince - "She's Always In My Hair"

Whenever I feel like givin' up
Whenever my sunshine turns 2 rain
Whenever my hopes and dreams are aimed in the wrong direction
She's always there tellin' me how much she cares
She's always in my hair 

I've been vibing to this song all day. This isn't my favorite Prince song but it's in my Top 10. It holds a special place with me because of the lyrics and the synthesizers. Just read the opening lines. Who can't relate to feeling at the end of their rope or just feeling down on themselves and then you get a call or a reassuring word from that special person who knows just what to say.

I love that feeling and I love imagining coming home to someone who builds you up and you doing the same to them. We all want that special someone who has our back and it's a shame today we don't hear too many songs talk about this on the radio.

It's pure pop bliss because like "When Doves Cry", it's mostly drums and synths with a lil bass groove underneath that you can barely hear. Of course Prince has to do a guitar solo around the 2:12 mark that's typical him but this is more of a lyrical masterpiece with musical simplicity. It works well because you can hear the lyrics more as the music doesn't overpower it.

Whenever I feel like not 2 great at all
Whenever I'm all alone
Even if I hit the wrong notes
She's always in my boat
She's always there tellin' me how much she cares
She's always in my hair 

D'Angelo gamely tried to cover this on the Scream 2 soundtrack but it was too much funk and not enough lightness. Ah well, he'll have to settle with Voodoo as his true Prince tribute.

At the end you can hear the joy as Prince wails on and on. I mean dang, can you imagine having somebody that makes you feel so good because they listen? Maybe you already have somebody like that. It reminds me of what Method Man and Mary J. Blige did with "You're All I Need" and Meth talking about that woman rubbing on his back saying baby it'll be okay.

I've been in a Prince mood all week courtesy of some good emails. So indulge me with one of the Purple One's greatest B-sides.


  1. Yes yes!
    B-side of Raspberry Beret. Psychedelic pop funk masterpiece.
    You're right- the lyrics paint a picture of a great relationship.
    I sang it to my girl at the show this week.
    Yes yes!

  2. Dopeness! I can imagine singing this to my girl cause it's the perfect support song. Hard to argue but it might be favorite Prince B-side, unless proven otherwise.