Sunday, January 23, 2011

Football Wrap: A Cowboys Fan's Worst Nightmare

As a Cowboys fan, this Super Bowl matchup sucks. Plain and simple. In the 1960's, the Packers were our fiercest rival and we could never get over the hump. We lost the 1966 and 1967 NFL title games to Green Bay, the last one being Bart Starr's famous 1-yard TD plunge in the Ice Bowl. As a result, Green Bay went to the 1st 2 Super Bowls.

But during my NFL watching prime of the 90's, we got revenge. I lived for owning Brett Favre every year in 93-96, none better than third-stringer and current Cowboys coach Jason Garrett beating the Packers on Thanksgiving in 1995. We'd beat the Packers during the season and then during the playoffs like it was nothing. In 2007, with both teams 10-1, Tony Romo beat Favre once again. Course, we won't mention this past season getting embarrassed.

Now Pittsburgh is different cause we got Super Bowl history in the 70's. We won 2 Super Bowls that decade, they won 4. They beat us in Super Bowl X (Lynn Swann's MVP performance) and three years later in Super Bowl XIII, a shootout famous for Cowboys TE Jackie Smith dropping a TD in the end zone. We were in a race for most SB titles and we famously got the edge beating them in SB XXX with SoCal's Larry Brown getting 2 INT's.

I hated the Steelers more because they were our title rival. Thanks to Big Ben, the edge now goes to them 6-5. The Team of the 70's at our expense. Yeah, the hate runs deep.

So Super Bowl Sunday's gonna be bittersweet seeing our old rivals coming to Dallas for a chance to hoist the Lombardi. I imagine chatting with my old Cowboys heads about the rivalries before we discuss the matchup. If fate went another way, we'd have the upper hand on both teams back then. Ah well, only the Cowboys fan in me will feel weird whoever wins.

And now for the Tidbits. First up: NFC

- Happy for Aaron Rodgers. At Cal, he was the QB of the last team to beat the Bush-Leinart USC squad before Vince Young. Beat them in 03 and nearly beat them in 2004. He was screwed in the draft and screwed waiting behind Brett Favre. Vindication! (Same with Packers GM Ted Thompson who let Favre retire to let him play)

- I only saw about 30 seconds of the first half but I saw enough. After Aaron Rodgers threw a pick that bounced off his WR's foot, Jay Cutler threw his own gunslinging INT before leaving the game w/an injury. Yep, that's the gunslinging Cutler I expected to see.

*And I hear folks talking toughness with him. Would a high profile QB really not try his best to get back in a CHAMPIONSHIP game based on injury. I know the CHI is uber-tough but get real. (Ed: Cutler suffered a torn MCL and played in 2 series...props to him choosing the team over being selfish unlike Brett Favre)

- Congrats to Clay Matthews III who went from a lightly recruited LB at USC to a Top-3 Defensive POY candidate.this year.

- Lovie Smith deserves to be extended as Bears head coach. Talk about saving your job.

AFC Tidbits

- Props to Mark Sanchez for showing heart in nearly leading the Jets from a 24-0 deficit with no help from the Jets' playcalling (love LaDainian Tomlinson but those short-yardage runs were not for him). He could've easily choked after that fumble and nasty hit but he responded by leading the charge with help from his defense. Well-done in defeat.

- I feel bad for LT because it's one year closer to the end and I hope he can come back next year to play. Yet it's clear that the Jets need to use Shonn Greene more next year.

- Rex Ryan's press conference showed me why I'd play for him. Emotional, genuine, inspires loyalty and unity and most of all protects his players.

- Congrats to Mike Tomlin, who's going to his 2nd Super Bowl and has a chance to be the 1st Black coach with multiple titles.


  1. As usual, I love your writing. I'm especially excited to read positive remarks about Clay Matthews. I'm also convinced that picture was especially for my eyes!!

    I'm sorry about your 'Boys, but I think Jason Garrett proved he can/will have a positive influence on this team, and I expect to see more W's for for the Cowboys next season.

    I wish them lots of luck.

  2. Thanks Britt! Haha I didn't know you were on Clay Matthews like that.

    We'll both be feeling bummed in 2 weeks but hopefully Garrett will be the answer we thought 3 years ago. Rob Ryan as the DC will be a great fix but as long as our offense gets back to how it was, we'll be in good shape.