Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Football Wrap On the 1's: Congrats Auburn, Seattle and Fans

This says it all. Cam Newton overcome by emotion after he, Michael Dyer, Nick Fairley, Wes Byrum, Gene Chizik won the 2011 National Championship. Overcome by a long season that showed his maturity/poise at 21 that many folks lack at that age. Perhaps a bit of disbelief that it's finally done - the journey back to the mountaintop that had more twists and turns than even he expected.

I picked Oregon to win because of their offense and defense. Give the Ducky Boys credit for hanging in there when Auburn missed their chances. Darron Thomas balled his arm off. But Auburn did what they've done all year, stand tough and find a way to win games just a lil harder.

Nick Fairley showed why he'll be playing on Sundays. Michael Dyer showed why we'll watch him next year like we did Trent Richardson at Alabama this year. Bo Jackson smiled like he was back at Auburn wowing everyone as a 2-sport star. You can't help but be happy for them unless you're an Alabama fam.

I'm happy for Cam Newton and I wish his father Cecil could've been on the field with him. Next stop, the NFL.

College Tidbits

- OSU head coach Jim Tressel was a punk for asking Terrelle Pryor, Dan Herron to promise him he wouldn't leave to escape their suspension. Apparently we know why. Pre-Pryor, OSU gets labeled BCS chokes for never winning a bowl game outside of the Fiesta. Pryor arrives: They win BCS bowls over the Pac-10 and SEC. I wish Pryor and Co. would just leave because the farce behind what they did was terrible.

- TCU has every reason to be mad. Just like Auburn in 2004-05.

- Andrew Luck's the man. But if he were smart, he's change his mind and jump to the NFL. New head coach, offensive line and the chance to get hurt. I value the degree but this is business.

- Oregon should be preseason No. 1 next year. Go head and try to pick 2-5. South Carolina? Spurrier magic is gonna be insane to watch build.

NFL Playoffs 1st week

Seattle??? Really??? That city just witnessed the best moment it's had since Kevin Durant got drafted there. The best playoff moment since Edgar Martinez hit that double that sent Ken Griffey Jr. home and smiling under a dog pile. The Saints may have had trouble running the ball but Seattle won that game. And Marshawn Lynch...that run said so much about one team's desire and the other's team desire to quit and go home.

Check out Lynch's teammates rallying behind him and running to throw blocks down field. And the irony of Super Bowl hero Tracy Porter getting trucked 5 yards. That pretty much said, "We belong and we're not going down quietly." (literally, because Seattle had a mini-quake when this happened)

NFL Tidbits

- Michael Vick to Riley Cooper to end the season? Tebow's running buddy made a great catch before the INT but really? I question that playcall letting a rookie play a big role in such a big drive. But Philly's D and O-line deserve more blame as do David Akers leaving 6 points wide.

That said, Vick's season will be remembered as a positive for so many more reasons.

- Peyton Manning: Greatest regular season QB ever with a ring. Mark Sanchez 1-upped him with help from the old man LaDainian Tomlinson.

- Chicago/Seattle, Atlanta/Green Bay look pretty attractive considering the Seahawks beat the Bears and Falcons did the Packers already this season but Patriots/Jets and Ravens/Steelers? WHOA! It's like deciding to date the potentially hot quiet girl vs. the proven hot girl who dazzles you right away.

- Since my picks last week sucked, I'm gonna try it again. Chicago, Green Bay, Patriots and Baltimore. Imagine the hype of that classic rivalry if CHI and GB determine the NFC champion and Lovie Smith not only saves his job but potentially can go to 2 Super Bowls in 4 years.


  1. I like that Ravens pick, homey

  2. Figured you would fam. The ghost of Edgar Allen Poe be with y'all.