Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fine Dining Anyone?

I was in San Diego last month doing some freelance work at this HS hoops tournament. The last day I was there, I walked around this shopping center with a friend of mine and I happened to see this sign at the McDonald's nearby.

Bistro Gourmet??? Now granted, I'm in Del Mar, which is one of the richest areas in San Diego. But how in the world does "Bistro" and "Gourmet" go in the same sentence with McDonald's, one of the most basic fast food places in the world. There's a reason I don't eat there anymore - the food is terrible and just oozes with unhealthiness.

My friend and I had to go in and see what this place looked like. And this is what we saw.

Leather seats? Metal chairs? Those poles that look like they should be in the Cheesecake Factory? I thought the desk at the right was where they served people that wanted to sit down.

So we're mindblown. I have never seen a fast food eatery look like this. This is McDonald's on green steroids. Green being money cause they pumped so much money in this place to make it look like a great restaurant. It's McDonalds!!!! It's simple. Serve burgers and chicken and breakfast and unhealthy salads and folks go home happy.

But oh it gets better. See in the rich world, you can't just serve the basics. You gotta go all out just because you can. They also had this in there

That's right. This is a sandwich case filled with paninis, quesadillas and other fine dishes that are better served in a bakery or sandwich shop. Again, this is McDonalds people!!!! Really??? $5-6 sandwiches? I mean why not just go ahead and serve high class drinks since you're going there.

We stood there for about 3 minutes just wide-eyed at all of this. I know folks can do whatever they want with their money but this is a bit much. If there was ever a time for the "lipstick on a pig" metaphor, this was it.

I can hear it now for somebody's date idea.

 "Hey baby, how bout I take you out one night for some fine dining. A high class restaurant with good food and a great atmosphere"

"Oh really? Where we going? And you better not say Red Lobster or some bougie-hood type restaurant."

"Nah, nah. This is better. We're going to a bistro gourmet. Only the best for my dates!"

Then they roll up to McD's like this and she's looking like huh?  Gotta love spending time in the rich world, you learn so much about the silliness of extravagance.


  1. My bro in law eats there at lunch because it's near his work and he says the food is actually pretty good. I mean, realistically you're probably going to eat some kind of quick lunch when you're on your lunch break, so at least it's a nicer version of the crap you're already planning on eating.

  2. wow... it never fails to amaze me how money is being just thrown away!!! just imagine all the good things that could be done with for those who are in need of some financial assistance! completely taken aback!

  3. @Sarita - Yeah I mean I guess it's decent food but I'm just laughing cause I don't think I'd see McDonalds as a lunch spot for that haha. At least Carl's Jr doesnt think they're bougie with the $6 dollar burgers

    @Cindy - you and me both. I guess if you got money, you can spend it but to the rest of us, you shake your head and keep walking

  4. Ish like this makes me hate this country.