Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Football Wrap Week 1B (RG3's DEBUT, The Kicker and 40 Point Specials)

It was last year that I wrote about how Cam Newton had one of the most impressive debuts of anybody I had seen in any sport. He shattered the rookie record for passing yards and showed everybody that he could indeed be a passing QB, not just a runner.

One year later, what then can I say about Robert Griffin III in his debut?? 320 passing yards, 2 TD's (including an 88-yarder, the 2nd longest debut TD pass in history), ZERO Interceptions and defeated the Saints in the Superdome in front of his family and friends from New Orleans.

It's as good as you can expect a rookie to play. It's poise, command and great skill on display. It's the further evolution of the Black quarterback as a true dual-threat who can hurt you with his arm and legs.  And as Skins fan DragonflyJonez frequently announced on Twitter, he outplayed the reigning NFL Offensive Player of the Year in his house.

Think of this. 10 years ago, we had Michael Vick as a revolution. He was a revolution with his speed but it took him years to be a great quarterback consistently despite taking the 2004 Falcons to the NFC championship. At the same time, Donovan McNabb evolved faster and had a HOF-worthy career as arguably the 3rd/4th best QB of the last decade.

Now we have Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III. Freaky athletes but sound quarterbacks who can do whatever they want and win by any means necessary. Kids will be compared to both of them and not just Vick and that might be a great thing. I had someone already compare UCLA QB Brett Hundley to Cam after one game.

I know he plays for Washington. I know it's only one game. But once again, I felt like a witness to another impressive debut. Well done RG3 and except for two games out of the year, I'm rooting for you.

More tidbits...

- I remember in 1998 watching Jason Elam's 63-yard kick at church and couldn't believe how much air it had. Now I'll remember watching and hearing the kicker's bounce that David Akers did to match it. Incredible job.

Aaron Rodgers, meet Aaron Brooks.
My biggest win of the weekend besides my Cowboys beating the Giants goes to the 49ers beating the stuffing out of Green Bay. The Packers barely got going on offense and had to deal with a revamped 49ers offense. Randy Moss' impact was already felt as he scored a TD and drew double coverage to free up another TD for a teammate.

- There were eight - 8!!!! - interceptions between Michael Vick and Brandon Weeden. When's the last time that happened??

Speaking of Weeden, it was a tough week for rookie QB's as Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill joined Weeden in defeat. Just a reminder to not be spoiled by quick success because it's not about how they play in Week 1, but in October and November. Troy Aikman was 1-15 his 1st year.

Tim Who? Stephen Hill is definitely appreciating Mark Sanchez after their performance Sunday
- Okay what's the bigger shock? The Jets putting up 48 points or the Bears putting up 41 points? Flip a coin cause I don't know. Speaking of which, 5 teams put up 40 or more points this weekend. And none of them were the Patriots, Packers or Saints.

- Baltimore scares me in a very good way. If they can score like that, Terrell Suggs might come back to a team that will be the AFC favorites.

- Welcome back Adrian Peterson and Maurice Jones Drew. Most of all, welcome back Peyton Manning. Looked even better than I thought after taking his share of big hits.

Malcom Floyd had the Chargers only TD of the game. This concerns me despite the W.
***Quickie thoughts on my Chargers beating the hated Raiders and their 3 botched punts.***
Good: Philly Rivers throwing it around, Antonio Gates being healthy, Eddie Royal/Robert Meachem fitting in nicely, THAT DEFENSE!!! Aggressive is what I like.
Bad: Settling for 5 field goals (welcome back Nate Kaeding). A poor running game (32 yards?????)

It wasn't a bad game by any means. But I'm worried slightly because I saw this with the 90's Cowboys. A high powered offense starting to settle for more FG's as they aged. Let's hope I'm wrong.

Kevin Ogletree - the surprise star of the day for the Cowboys.

***Quickie thoughts on my Cowboys beating the Midgets and spoiling their Super Bowl love***
Good: Don Juan DeMarco Murray back, Kevin Ogletree stepping up, Tony Romo looking good. An aggressive defense that made Eli Manning struggle a bit.
Bad: Not much. A huge road win will do that to you.

The NFC East is going to be a fight and I'm glad the Cowboys will be ready to take part instead of lay down.

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