Monday, September 17, 2012

Football Wrap Week 2A - Down Goes USC, Michigan State and Arkansas.

Usually I discuss USC and UCLA in a separate video so y’all can hear me discuss the local scene (which is still here) but I had to speak on something I noticed in the AP poll. USC’s steep decline from No. 2 to 13. 

*Also of note,  Stanford QB Josh Nunes and Matt Barkley came out of HS at the same time. I remember hearing a lot about Nunes in Upland despite Barkley getting all the hype. Almost funny how that worked out with them seeing each other*

Now as a UCLA fan, this is where I’d laugh and say they deserved it because they struggled most of the game. But a thought occurred to me. If these were two SEC teams playing a similar game and the higher seed lost on the road by only 7, would that team drop so steeply?

Consider Arkansas fell from No. 8 to out of the Top 25 losing at home to an unranked team. USC lost on the road to a Top 25 team that outplayed them in the second half and made them struggle all game. Yet instead of maybe falling to No. 8-9, they’re out of the Top 10.

(At least they moved Stanford ahead of them. I have a gripe when a ranked team beats somebody and then aren’t ranked ahead of them the next week. Even if it may be a little too high at No. 9 judging on how rough Josh Nunes looked but defensively, they will be tough)

All I’m saying? It’s a little fishy to me and while I can laugh at USC’s fall, I wonder if there’s a little East Coast/Southern bias in punishing them. Considering Stanford’s dominance over them, it being a road loss and that they probably won’t face a team that physical the rest of the way, I believe dropping 10+ positions is a bit harsh.

The Trojans still should’ve won though. Stanford punched them in the mouth and strong-armed them four years in a row. Funny thing is the only other Pac-12 team program I never liked besides USC was Stanford.

Tidbit Time as we continue BeatemDown month….

Braxton Miller is nice but the Buckeyes aren't.
- Ohio State could barely beat Cal at home. The Little 10 strikes again.

On good authority, a Buckeye fan I trust told me this might be one of the worst defenses in years. My response? This Cal team is the 2nd or 3rd worst in the Pac-12.

- Michigan State, how could you break my heart??? You were supposed to beat Notre Dame so we wouldn’t have to hear these stories about the Irish being back.  You were supposed to shut up Irish fans still clinging to their glory days way before I was a sports fan.

- At least the boy Shoelace Robinson and Michigan will dispose of Notre Dame properly this week. If not, pray that I show furious anger on the Little 10.

- Speaking of besmirching a conference, I knew Colorado would suffer this year but DANG! Down 48-0 to Fresno State before the game is half over. Call me cruel, but I’m ready to go buffalo hunting to save Colorado fans.

 - Welcome back, Sammy Watkins. Back from a 2-game suspension and he had two TD’s. But watch Clemson this week vs. Florida State. Willing to believe the Seminoles are back before ever trusting Clemson.

- Penn State had a better week than Arkansas.  Nuf said.

- Déjà vu from last year? Alabama, LSU and Oregon are in the Top 3.

- Keep an eye on the Oregon-Arizona and Oklahoma-Kansas State this Saturday. Arizona’s Matt Scott might be the most underrated QB on the West Coast (the country?) and I’m curious if K-State will expose Oklahoma in one of those games the Sooners always lose.

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