Monday, September 3, 2012

Football Wrap Week 0 (College FB returns on the Beat em Down Express)

It's baaaaaaaaaack! No, not college football season. The Football Wrap! Back to give you tidbits from the weekend in football. 

OSU head coach Mike Gundy: "Check's in the mail, Coach. Thanks for the scrimmage."

Week 1 of the College FB season is usually a Beat Em Down weekend so there’s almost nothing to get excited about. Top 25 teams and other folks battle cream puffs so it’s merely a good morale boost unless there’s an actual upset or marquee matchup.

The results are pretty ridiculous so if you’re looking for any analysis or insight, it’s usually with a grain of salt. I mean Oklahoma State blitzed Savannah State 84-0 so badly that proud booster T. Boone Pickens publicly said OSU needed to beef up their schedule.  Back in the day, I used to criticize some of these teams for playing weak when USC (in the Pete Carroll era) would always play somebody tough.

It’s also why I wouldn’t be opposed to starting college football polls after Week 2 or 3. 1) It’s hard to tell who’s the best when you play so many cream puffs, 2) It’d force more teams to play at least one tough non conference game. But then again, we don't want to shake the system up any more than it already is.

So what can we say after Week 1? Hope you enjoyed the offensive firepower cause it’s gonna last for most of this month. I sure am. But there’s a few notes I can take from this weekend. Let’s dig into Year 4 of the Football Wrap shall we?

I did my takes on UCLA/USC’s season openers at Youtube so you can watch there.

Welcome Back Marcus Lattimore (110 yards, 2 TD’s – a 29 yard TD to start and the game winning score. )

Washington State got housed by BYU. Not a good start for the Leach era but mark my words, the Cougars will be dangerous come November.

Kent State’s Andre Parker – LOL!!! Poor dude’s gonna be laughed at all year for doing this

Speaking of poor little Savannah State, their reward for being blitzed out of Oklahoma? Florida State, who just blasted Murray State 69-3

MSU’s Leveon Bell – 210 rushing yards. Boise State – 206 total yards. Yeah, that’s impressive. 

Oh hi, you wanted to stop me? Nice try Boise State.
Oregon’s DeAnthony Thomas. 7 touches on offense, 3 TD’s. Dat Boy Good! I mean, he REAL good in case you forgot.

I think I’m gonna let Bubba Sparxxx and Co. speak on Penn State’s season after their loss to Ohio. The worst is yet to come for them on the field.

Did Michigan forget the season started? Were they intimidated by that fine stadium in Texas that my beloved Cowboys play in? Did their two suspended players matter that much?

Too many questions and Alabama had all the answers. 31-0 before the game was halfway done. Shoelace Robinson was held in check. And AJ McCarron (AJ McCarron?????) outplayed him.

That’s the scariest fact of that game. I know LSU’s secondary is still lethal minus Tyrann Mathieu but if McCarron can decently pass the ball along with teams facing that loaded defense, Alabama will be seeing USC in South Florida without question.

And now that college has whetted our thirst, it’s time to dig full in. NFL comes back on Thursday and now it’s all about Friday (preps), Saturday (college) and SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY.

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