Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Football Wrap Week 2B - The Replacements (and the NFL's Arrogance)

Week 1, I didn’t see the replacement refs mess up that much but that didn’t convince me all was well. The best thing the NFL could hope for was nobody to notice a huge mess-up and act like all was well.

That’s what happens when you patch a slow, bleeding wound with a kiddie bandage. It’s passable and you hope the wound’s manageable but you haven’t fixed the problem. Eventually it’ll get worse without treatment.

Week 2? I saw a bad call affect Tampa Bay. Mike Williams catches a great ball, takes 2 steps, gets hit and loses the ball out of bounds. Clearly he had possession but the refs said he didn’t.  CBS Sports’ Mike Freeman described otherscrew-ups as well.

It got worse on Monday. Skirmishes happened on the field and the officials had almost no control of the game in the second quarter. It was so bad that Mike Tirico on air said you couldn't trust the legitimacy of a flag. On radio, Boomer Esiason harshly criticized the NFL for allowing this to continue a

But I’m not only mad at these refs trying to do their best but being woefully over their heads. I’m madder at the NFL not resolving this and perhaps waiting for a marquee team to be screwed over before trying to end this referee lockout. Pretty much, what Trey Wingo said on Twitter Tuesday sums up the NFL's belief

The NFL could easily put a stop to this by calling the referees in to a meeting and agreeing to a deal that pays them what they are worth. For all the dislike fans have for them when a bad call happens, they’re clearly folks who are the best at what they do. This is the result of the NFL and their owners' arrogance and players and fans are paying the price.

Bad calls don’t typically cause a team to lose a game. But they can upset the flow of a game and once the product is affected, it’s time the powers that be take a hard look and see if this is worth their moment of hubris and hardball.

On to the tidbits

I killed Brandon Weeden’s performance last week. This week, much better despite the L (322 yards, 2 TD’s, 0 INT’s). Big ups to Trent Richardson too.

Mike Vick: Gumption (Rushing TD for the game winner), guts (2 sacks, 2 INT’s) and glory (405 total yards of offense against one of the best D’s in the league. 

510 yards for Eli?? Nearly 300 in the 2nd half??? Who is this guy? By the way, that ending was pretty amazing with Tampa Bay.

Who was that Reggie Bush running for Miami?? Looked like the guy I saw in college. 

Raise your hand if you expected Brent Celek, Danny Amendola and Dwayne Bowe to have big days? Now raise both if you started them in fantasy football.

This just in, the 49ers are tough. 

What was dumber? The Redskins going for a 62-yard field goal or Josh Morgan setting it up by losing his cool vs. Cortland Finnegan?

Arizona won their biggest game since the NFC title game in 2009. Ran up on the Patriots in Foxboro after nearly giving that away.

(And now my team report, done in similar style to Lupe Fiasco's "B***h Bad")
Chargers: Jackie Battle good, Dante Rosario/defense better. Best – honoring Junior Seau on his day with a hard hitting, defensive effort.

DAL: Offense bad. Special Teams worse. Worst – go to Seattle and look like a Pop Warner team. The highs and lows of being a Cowboys fan.

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