Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poetry Corner (Atmosphere)

EJB 4/2005

The beauty of being in your atmosphere
Is something that I hold very dear
Sharing your world as you share mine
A thought that can only be described as divine
I’m loving the way I feel your energy
Nothing but good vibes and positivity
You’re a beautiful day that blinds my sight
You’re mysterious and cool like a magical night
I wanna know what makes you who you are
Cause I can see you must be unique like a star
We can just hang and shoot the breeze
Whatever we do, let’s do it with ease
No need to rush, take your time my dear
And lets enjoy each other’s atmosphere

I was in a total zone when I wrote this. I got inspired by Mos Def's "The Panties" - before you trip, it's a mellow song about being with a girl that's not dirty but romantic. The music is so melodic and there's a line that says "Don't wanna be nowhere but here, nowhere in this atmosphere, stratosphere, ionsphere, ain't no sphere that's bright like here"

That spoke to me and I had to write this dream-like poem. It's shorter than I usually like to write stuff but it was so perfect. So beautiful. So celestial (and you can tell by the words that I tried to keep that theme going.).

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