Friday, August 21, 2009

Poetry Corner (Def. of a Tease)

Definition of a Tease
EJB 12/06
A simple short story
It won’t be boring
It explains clearly
Definitions of a tease
Minding my own biz
Faced with a sign
Come in they said
Smooth words plus a smile
Tempted with fruit
Pleasing to the eye
Didn’t see a warning
So I leapt blindly
O me of great faith
Why didn’t I wait?
Now I’m trapped
Ensnared by fate
Toying with my mind
Like putty or play-doh
It sure ain’t silly,
Funny or playful
I speak in code
About no one person
Just stating my view
On people untrue
Lure you with lines
Soothe you with smiles
Stroking your ego
But playing your mind
Nothing but a tease
Just eager to please
Won’t let you drown
Won’t reel you in
Just got you hooked
Like bait from a snake
You want to leave
But love the taste
Appetizer satisfied
You crave the full plate
It tastes so sweet
But substance was lacking
Feeling was hollow and empty
Like words with no action
Or lost and stranded
Like a flight in the air
Waiting for a landing
Flying high with no place to go
Nothing’s definite
Nothing’s for sure
Just waiting
For something not there
Use you when needed
Then cast you aside
No cares for your pride
Just got what they needed
And showed what they are
Definitions of a tease

I hate teases with every inch of my being. People who lead you along with the promise of something good but leave you with emptiness. I had a friend who I thought I was close to but she ended up being a tease because everytime I tried to hang out, she'd offer up excuses. This poem was a long time coming so I kept it short and sweet.

The "O me of great faith" is a nice play off Scripture "O ye of little faith"...matter of fact I love all the little lines in here. I was mad (partialy at myself for being easy to tempt) so I wanted to take all my sarcastic intuition and use it full force here. Focused anger is far better than random anger.

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