Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poetry Corner: (Its Hard) Waiting for a Dream

(It’s Hard) Waiting for a Dream
EJB 10/11/2004

I see her clearly in my mind
The girl of my many dreams
I know she’s somewhere out there
And waiting to be seen
She walks among the crowd of
Friends of strangers unknown
Her name is a mystery
But her personality is known
She’s sweet, fun, and open minded
A great friend to those around her
She shares my interests and beliefs
A peaceful aura surrounds her
But instead of finding my dream
I’m stuck with often shallow types
Girls who are concerned with the superficial
And tease me with stimulation by sight
No matter how hard I look
I only see what I can’t have
Girls who are inaccessible
Because I won’t meet their demands
If I ever see a mutual attraction
I might be afraid to pursue it further
The signs aren’t clear so the risk is great
And I fail to push myself further
She’s out there walking with the pack
The aforementioned vision in my mind
I want her to be real and I know she is
She’s waiting at the end of my climb
I’m tired of weeding through the 2nd best
I don’t like what I see among the rest
I truly want her to be mine
And I’m tired of waiting all the time

I wrote a lot about finding the right girl in college. This one happened after I had to break things off with someone who wasn't the right type and wanted something I wasn't going to give her.

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