Friday, August 21, 2009

Poetry Corner (Dear Summer/The Last Dance)

I started writing this in New York during a summer conference I took with some friends from school. I realized that the summer before senior year would effectively be the last as I know it. No more summer breaks, no more lazy days - the only breaks I take would be ones I create. But it was also a chance to make it the best summer ever and go out in style.

I also listened a lot to Jay-Z's "Dear Summer" and it got me in that frame of mind, hence the title of Pt. 1

The first part is saying goodbye, the second part is a uplifting message to my peers to enjoy this moment. I liked how I used different rhyme schemes to distinguish both poems. I remember trying to write this in my hotel room and it started as one poem before I got the crazy idea to split it up. It was the first time I ever split a poem up to capture two different moods and it's perfect here.

Dear Summer/The Last Dance
EJB 5/27/05

Dear Summer hows it goin
It’s really nice to see you
After 9 months of struggle
These next 3 belong to you
I think we know why I’m doing this
Cause we realize something’s near
This is our last time together
Before we separate my dear
After 20 plus years of commitment
20 plus years of happiness
This is last time we’ll be dating
At least on full-time status
Now I know your heart is heavy
Believe me, mine is too
And the next girl I’ll be dating
Won’t be as fun as you
I’ve already prepared for our transition
My first job showed me how
I got myself ready for the inevitable
The day which seemed so far from now
A time where work would be a constant task
No more seasons with breaks in between
The only breaks are holidays and weekends
A cycle that continues for as long as it seems
But I’ll always have the memories
Of days that were carefree
Of moments that were magical
A relationship as great as can be
Sunny days, I marveled at your beauty
Sunset glows, I stared at your gaze
I felt your presence with a cool breeze
On a warm night after a beautiful day
Now I sadly have to let you go
A full-time love to an occasional date
Let’s enjoy the last go-around
And live it up til the last call is made

The last dance, the last joy-ride
The final summer of our young lives
Days once spent living it up with friends
Will soon be filled with work to no end
We’re leaving summer for future careers
Where the only breaks come with holiday cheer
I can’t believe it’s really here
The last few months are now in gear
Work will soon become our passion
A full time replacement for summer madness
Think fondly of days spent with friends
Waking up late, then doing it again
Remember parties and amazing vacations
All of those wonderful relaxations
Enjoy them now cause the music stops soon
And we’ll be marching to a different tune
Summer dances to corporate sidelines
Casual strolls to stressful deadlines
Cherish those memories every one
Fondly look back on times that were fun
Summer now truly becomes a fling
An escape from making that corporate cream
Raise your glass for the final toast
Let this here be our final boast
The last summer of our young lives
Will not be spent on the sidelines

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  1. Ah, I can relate to this one easily. Today was my first day of school as a senior, which means that golden summer you referred to is behind me now. It's tough to see it go, but lke you pointed out, we still have the holidays. And hopefully, I'll spend every next summer doing what I love. Besides, I slept in long enough to stay awake for a very long time.