Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poetry Corner

A Redemption Story
EJB 8/19/05

More creative than an Impressionist painting
More style than Hilfiger and Lauren
This is my intro to let you know that I’ve stepped into the belly of the beast and birthed something beautiful for you to perceive
It lay in the gutter, alone and cold
This idea wasn’t told to the ears of my peers
A sight to behold, it sure was ugly
It needed a makeover and I planned to take over
Add some sweetness to this rank odor
I gave it new life, a fresh start, rebirth
I showed it love and how much it was worth
After some time, the world saw its new look
That’s not correct, the world saw its true look
Style was bright, mind was right
The lost was found, made new and sound
It had a purpose, a drive, a goal
A will to succeed and wander no more
Now its aim was to please its savior
Who redeemed him from being undesirable and lost in its trouble
A simple story of redemption
Yet the world sees it foolish and full of suspicion
If I cant make it plainer when served through this strainer
I’ll let my actions reveal why I feel what I feel.

(This one literally was a "Kubla Khan" poem. I was waiting to leave to hang out with some friends and had my laptop nearby. I started screwing around - if you can't tell from the intro - and all of a sudden I just let it flow. Didn't think twice until I finished and I came with up this incredible metaphor of salvation. Now I know how Coleridge felt - incredible burst of creativity and thankfully I didn't get interrupted.)

Cruisin on the 105
EJB 10/2003

I got in my car to take a ride
Out for a cruise on the 105
1st thing I pass is the L.A. airport
Watch planes arrive or see them depart
As I drive on, I pass over a highway
Observing people pass going on with their day
That freeway leads to my new hometown
San Diego is where I kick it now
I continue my drive as I pass through the Wood
A place that people say is always up to no good
Pass by the Shaw on a beautiful day
Then on to Vermont and the 110 freeway
Cruising through Compton and the LBC
My music’s blaring as my speed reaches 70
The day is perfect, few clouds in the sky
The sun makes me warm like fresh apple pie
I pass the 710 without much thought
But I decrease my speed so I won’t get caught
The metro rails are on my side
Taking people on a quick train ride
Either for business or just for pleasure
The metro rail gives the highway texture
Lakewood’s up next and then the 605
I’ve almost reached the end of my drive
Pass a couple more exits then I reach the end
As I slow down, a weird feeling comes from within
This freeway is the one that my dad designed
Now because of this drive, he’s on my mind
Dad and this freeway were like school in June
There for a while, but gone too soon

(This was the first poem I tried to set to music. It's also a tribute to my Dad, who passed away the summer before. He was an engineer who helped design buildings and freeways in Los Angeles. One of them was the 105 Freeway so I wanted to paint a picture of what it looked like for those who never saw it. I was more conscious of rhyming here cause it was supposed to be a song.
I love this tribute though. Just like Tennyson's "AHH" or Ginsburg's "Kaddish", when someone passes, you never know what'll remind you of them so you look at their handiwork to find inspiration. The music I had was almost dreamlike so it felt like I was in another place)

My Greatest Thrill
EJB 1/14/06

In the crowd of faces, she stands apart
The one of my dreams, the girl of my heart
Everytime I see her, my stride gets happier
She brings me so much joy and laughter
A heavenly treasure with down-to-earth vibes
Who gives me the pleasure of sharing her time
Once this was only what I saw in my mind
Now it is real, this vision is alive
When I’m away from her, I wish I hadn’t left
She fills my soul with her slightest breath
Her eyes pierce me and captivate my senses
With her, I’m real with no false pretenses
No weak player lines, no cheap game
Just honest truth without the fame
I’m open and honest and I can’t help it
She’s so precious like she’s draped in velvet
How blessed I am to have someone like this
Amazing like grace with each single kiss
I could run-on and on like a bad sentence
To tell how much I love our friendship
She inspires me to persevere and be strong
She must be from heaven cause that’s God’s calling card
I’m the one she’s been waiting for
Something I’ve heard her say before
But she’s the one I’ve searched and longed for
Someone with God’s light upon her
Tears of joy stream down my face
My world has been a much better place
No one can lead me astray from her sight
There’s something special about her type
And I’m longing to figure out what I can gain
So I’m sticking with her, ignoring their game
She’ll never worry about me ditching or leaving
I’m an honest player, I win without cheating
What more can I say….she’s got me hooked
Like a fresh meal that my mom just cooked
More than her looks, she’s smart with the books
Her vibes are magnetic so my heart she took.
It isn’t love but we’re on that track
Taking our time so we don’t look back
And regret any move that was made too soon
This is definitely a poem that sprang full bloom
Birthed with ideas like a spring flower
Like a spring shower, she refreshes my power
So I look amidst the growing sea of faces
And she stands out, pretty like laces
The vision is real, so is how I feel
She has possibly given me my greatest thrill.

(No words necessary, just the feeling you get when you're with the right person. This is a common theme I wrote about a lot - relationships. I've experienced it before and I can't wait to experience it again. A lot of my best poems happened on winter break from school and this is one of them.)

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