Friday, January 22, 2010

Child's Play

I know I was supposed to write the followup blog to dating Sandy but this cold kinda sucked the life out of me. But it didn't stop me from being reflective on something else - being a kid again.

Do you remember when summer came around and you couldn't wait for summer camp? The field trips to all the great spots - theme parks/movies. The games you'd come up with to pass the time? Those were the days, man.

I remember we'd use to have big water fights at one summer camp I went to. Back when you could ACTUALLY have water guns and people not think they were real. Compete for the biggest Super Soaker and try to have the guy with the biggest gun on your side. That was war games for us back then.

You had friends that you'd meet at summer camp who didn't go to your school that you looked forward to catching up with. It was like a whole different world.

For me, I lived for summer camp. One summer I went to a dance camp in the early 90's where I got exposed to a bunch of stuff like "Poison" "Iesha" and of course MJ's "Black or White". There were two summers I went to a camp where we went to every theme park in L.A.

Childhood memories are supposed to make you smile and I'm glad I have ones that do. What's some of yours?

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  1. I never went to summer camp, but my fondest childhood memories are from my days living in the middle of nowhere northern California... 10 acres to roam and run and explore and no fears at all (well, maybe the occasional coyote or mountain lion).