Monday, January 25, 2010

Electric Relaxation: Clipse "I'm Good"

I just really love this song. My friend Irma was bumping the Clipse's last album during my first night in San Diego and it just seemed to fit the mood. This song was another solid collab with the Neptunes.

The vibe is just something to ride to - good for being at the beach, driving around in a good mood, hanging at a party. And let's face it, we need more music to enjoy ourselves that's good quality.

I love the line "Today was a good day, Ice Cubes on my chest, Lookin at my Blackberry" just cause I do that all the time. Sometimes you just want a song to speak to the mood where you are now.

To be honest, I don't think too many groups sound as well with Neptunes as Malice and Pusha. They have a great chemistry and it's produced three solid albums - if you don't have Hell Hath No Fury, you need to. It'll change the way you view the Neptunes.

Just enjoy this song.

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