Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Break It Down: Why Do Gooood Girls, Like Bad Guuuuys (c) DMX

(Sidenote: I met this guy on my college football team and he was a laidback cat for a while. 5 mins later, he busts out singing this song in the title (DMX "Good Girls, Bad Guys") as his anthem. This big 6-3 dude just acting a fool and singing that female part. On to my take)

I got into a good conversation on Twitter with a friend over the weekend about this old adage. Good girls always want bad boys. It's been a dilemma for me since high school because I consider myself a good guy but instead of telling you about me, I'd rather examine this whole bad boy deal.

When girls say they want bad boys, what they really mean is - they want a guy with balls who won't back down. They want a dude who's not afraid to get his hands dirty. They want a dude who's a lil spontaneous and not predictable. They don't want a guy who's mushy, too sensitive but still knows how to show his love.

They don't want a real bad boy who's gonna disrespect them and allow them to make excuses that it's out of love. They don't want a man with a record who's doing things that'll get him thrown back in the clink. They don't want a dude who's gonna bring them down and cause more headaches than good times.

So in essence, they want a good guy who's not boring, willing to be spontaneous, not soft and creative. Got it?

The term "bad boy" is really subjective. It's a dig at guys who would give girls the respect they'd deserve but it's also a challenge to do more than just be a "friend." Either way, women need to give good dudes a chance and stop trying to find a guy who's bad for your personal expense.

Don't shortchange them and ultimately don't shortchange yourselves. It all comes down to the same thing that we all should look for in a person worth dating -balance.

*Fellas, the same applies to you too. I just tackled this issue for women cause it's something I've thought about for years.

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