Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Date With Sandy (In Pictures)

So I went to San Diego this past week for a few days of rest and reflection. I can't stress it enough how much I love being there and how I feel like I'm free. I'm gonna do two things. First, give yall some visual evidence of my love. Then, I'm gonna share some of my thoughts tomorrow - my girl NaijaCandy on twitter made my mind start churning like she usually does and I felt excited to talk about it.

Can we call this evidence of a love affair? Guilty as charged. Her name is Sandy and yes, I cheated on LaLa with her - for a couple of days. And I liked it!

I tasted her sweet winds at Mission Beach where even on a cloudy day, she was still lovely.

I saw her finest home - one of the prettiest hotels in America. The Hotel Del Coronado, she wanted to invite me in but oh no, I had to refuse (plus I couldn't afford her tab)

She showed me how beautiful downtown can be from the other side. Unfortunately I don't have pics of her at night but trust me, she's so much prettier under the lights.

She took me to one of her highest points and showed me her beautiful shores from another angle. The angle that her earliest discoverers once saw. This is Cabrillo Nat'l Monument

And naturally she took me to the best place to watch a sunset - Sunset Cliffs. Yes, I enjoyed re-exploring her natural beauty.

I got more pics on my facebook page but this is a nice tease. It's called America's Finest City for a reason.

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