Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Date With Sandy (In Words + Images)

Sorry for the delay on this guys - this past week i was battling a cold and I just didn't feel like doing much outside of drinking tea and fighting it off. Always a bugger about this time of year.

I didn't forget about writing about my vacation last week. The last few days gave me some time to really think about why I love going to San Diego and maybe an understanding of something else. All metaphors make sense at some point.

The first day with Sandy had me smiling from the moment I left my driveway until I ended it in my hotel. It was a clear day and I had +44 blasting on the drive (Mark and Travis from Blink-182's side project). Something about sitting peacefully in Mission Bay in the middle of the day just had me feeling like I was free.

Had lunch in Little Italy (quote Big Pun's classic line) and went to the Cabrillo National Monument where the Spanish explorer Juan Cabrillo discovered San Diego Bay. Besides the beauty of seeing a part of the city I've never seen, I was in awe of seeing the Point Loma Lighthouse, which has been there since the 19th century.

I came to the hotel and surprisingly killed time watching of all people Sean Hannity interview Sarah Palin. Why, I dont know. Then had dinner with a friend who surprised me by taking me to a driving range - I've never hit a golf ball before so that was pretty fun - and then showed me a side of Coronado Beach that exposed the San Diego downtown skyline at night.

One word, beautiful. Sitting on the dock of the Bay like Otis Redding and I felt like whistling and reflecting.

Day 2 with Sandy was cloudy but I still hit up Mission Beach. It's funny, in San Diego, everything revolves around the beach - I saw people in T-shirts and shorts, I saw suits. That's how it is down there. That's why I love the city - it's a slower pace where almost everyone keeps things in perspective.

Oh yeah, I went to my alma mater, the University of San Diego. I had to see the new wing they built on campus in the student center and I was impressed. A bigger cafeteria, a bigger student supermarket - yep our tuition dollars at work.

But this right here pissed me off. There were parking meters at the back of campus - PARKING METERS! I know private schools can do what they want but this is brand new, just another way for them to make money. It even had a credit card slot in there. C'mon man, parking is bad enough on that campus but having to pay for it now? You gotta be kidding.

And one word, if you ever visit my second home. Get some carne asada fries. It's a must.

I ended the night like any good date on a Friday night - at one of her best clubs, Stingaree. Alchemist was spinning down there and he was putting in work mixing dope songs together - although I was bummed because they didnt announce him and the crowd appeared indifferent despite the fact everyone enjoyed the music.

(Sidenote: I'm realizing as I get older than I have a harder time walking up to girls and dancing with them. Thats a main difference with guys and girls at a club or in life - all girls have to do is tell guys no, while guys have to find someone who'll say yes. Its hard all around and the fear of rejection is real)

Day 3 started with some waffles and ended with some football. In between, I visited Coronado Island during the day and it's easily one of the best spots on the West Coast. When you have the natural beauty of clean sands and mini dunes plus one of the finest hotels in America and beautiful homes, you have a paradise.

My recommendation - go watch a game at Seau's (Junior Seau's spot) or a good bar down in Pacific Beach. It was a short trip but it was worth it just to get another taste of my 2nd home.

When I got home, I told somebody that it was like a secret rendezvous with my favorite mistress. I felt at peace, I feel excited, I feel refreshed and I feel free - just like I can be myself and have no worries. Just being around the water is like being renewed without being baptized.

It's almost like everything I would want in a great relationship. The peace of mind, the smiles - all of that is what I would want from a girl. San Diego gives me things I can't measure and I give her my time and a special place in my heart.

You can't artificially create internal joy - it has to be real. And that's why I keep going back there. It's a sign of peace that I hope to find personally in someone else and it always holds a place in my heart for helping me grow into who i am.

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  1. Behind the UC is the only place USD has parking meters. They're there because of the new restaurant/pub inside since they're open to the public. All of the other white-lined spots on campus are still free for daily use (obviously students/faculty/regular basis type people still have to pay for passes).

    If USD really wanted to charge for parking they'd charge for day passes at the kiosks like the state schools ($3 for an hour!? Ridiculous.).