Monday, January 18, 2010

VSR: I'll Take a Double Whammy and a side of Rain to Wash It Down

I was gonna try to write an MLK blog in honor of the holiday but I know that if I read the sports section, I'll be reminded of why yesterday sucked. It was almost fitting that it was raining because I wanted to wash away the stench of two terrible losses.

Me and my godbro saw the Vikings-Cowboys score after church and I was literally ill. Tony Romo had his worst game in six weeks (3 TO's) and Sidney Rice destroyed our secondary like Randy Moss did on Thanksgiving 98 (3 TD's). 34-3...yeah I didn't expect the Boys to get destroyed like that.

I need to chop it up with my boy Shane about this since I missed the game but watched the highlights. The Boys played well down the stretch and looked inspired on defense. Best of all, Romo started looking like a clutch QB who limited his mistakes and ran his offense. It's called maturity folks...not every young QB will be like Big Ben out the gate. People have been spoiled to see rookie QB's in the playoffs but forget that it takes a few seasons to be consistent.

Mark my words. I started this year criticizing Romo and I'll end the season praising him and expecting him to get even better next year. Another offseason with no distractions and all returning parts? He'll get better trust me.

But that's nothing compared to the Heartbreak Hotel I experienced a few hours later.

San Diego hosted the Jets and I figured we'd be needing some solid kicking in lieu of the Jets' strong defense. What we got was Ray Finkle taking over the body of Nate Kaeding once again.

Wide left from 36 in the 1st, a miss from 50 at the half and wide right at 40 with just over 4 minutes to go. I mean did Kaeding go to Florida State's kicking school??? The Chargers fittingly lost by 3, 17-14, and if this sucker makes ONE kick. (ONE FREAKING KICK), game goes to overtime.

I had my jersey on at church for the first time and I had to hear it all afternoon as we sat there and watched it. I was ill earlier and after that I wanted to vomit and sit in the rain.

Now before I roast this guy some more, let me point out that the Chargers played against a defense that was pretty tough and made them look silly. Rivers threw two picks (one that was ill-advised), players kept getting personal fouls and it looked like they barely had any poise until Rivers' led them to a late TD.

We were our own worst enemy - the D was tired and Shonn Greene took advantage with that backbreaking run. But back to the GOAT, let's string this kicker up higher.

2005 against the Jets - he missed a kick in OT to win the game as a rookie. 2007 - he missed a potential game winner against the Patriots. 2010 - he missed 3 kicks in a game after missing 3 all season.

I dont care if he's the most accurate kicker in NFL history. Mike Vanderjagt was too and after he missed his first FG of the season in that AFC playoff game against Pittsburgh in 2007, Indianapolis cut him with the quickness. Nate Kaeding has choked too much in the postseason and NOW its time to cut him.

Sidenote: If Sunday was LT's last game in San Diego, I've even sadder it had to end like that.

Here's what the Cowboys need to do. 1) Fire Jason Garrett as Offensive Coordinator - we need someone who'll exploit all of the weapons we have and turn Romo into a better QB/decision maker. 2) Draft some cornerbacks and safeties - our secondary has been a problem this year and this needs to be addressed.

I can't speak on the Chargers yet...I'm too much in a brooding mood and plotting how to pack Kaeding's bags with dynamite.

One quick playoff hit: Reggie Bush looked like he was back at USC on Saturday. I knew the Saints would blast Arizona but man that was just brutal.

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  1. Flozell Adams was injured 10 minutes into the game - from then on, it was over. That's a KEY injury. No one is mentioning it. The Cowboys were great on the opening two drives with Adams. Seriously.