Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bakersfield, Here I Come

Yes that's a Hanson pic. Yes I had to unfortunately listen to "MMMBop" in middle school and be a part of the start of the boy band craze. Don't focus on the pic, focus on the words cause that's where I'm going this weekend.

Bakersfield. Central California where it's boring and simple. All I know is that one of my good peeps from college is from there and so is KoRn. And what's important is why I'm going there - the high school state basketball champions (thank March Madness for taking up Arco Arena in Sacramento).

The furthest north I've ever been in California is Santa Maria - about 3 hours away up the coast from L.A. So I'm pretty anxious even if this city isn't as exciting as San Diego, Los Angeles or others in the state just because I want to travel more and let's face it - travelling in Cali isnt as easy/simple as other states.

Another reason is that it's the first time I've gone on assignment somewhere since 2007 when I went to the Jena 6 rally in Louisiana. It's long overdue but unfortunately I wasn't going to pay my way to any state meet where I had to fly.

But there's a lot of great stories up there.

- Serra High School is attempting to be the first school in state history with a state football/basketball title in the same school year while playing for the memory of a fallen parent.

- Long Beach Poly girls going for their 5th straight title, something no one has done.

I won't bore you non sports fans with more but I'm looking forward to seeing if Bakersfield is as boring as I expect or intriguing because of its slower pace.

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