Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Roll Call Part 2 (To The Right, To The Right)

Here's more of my peeps for y'all to check out

Roofer on Fire - A fascinating lady from Canada, I had heard of Mika's skill on Twitter for a while but sadly I dragged my feet on following her blog til this week. She's a thoughtful writer on a variety of topics and you'll enjoy her style. It's like reading from a cool professor who'll take you out for drinks later.

The Pitones Family - Oh man, what can I say about my schoolmate Sarita. Silly, unpredictable, passionate and just downright cool. She's trying to live up her goal of blogging more and coming up with recipes so sample her tasty treats every couple of weeks when she remembers to post :)

The Swamp - Another Canadian Import, Tyler Conium is one of the coolest dudes I've met on Twitter. Besides being a big sports fan, he's a no-nonsense guy when it comes to things he's passionate about and sometimes you need someone who's gonna tell it like it is (as opposed to as how you think it is). Common sense is at a premium right now and here's somewhere to find it.

In Wilbon's World - Washington Post columnist/Pardon The Interruption host Michael Wilbon is the one reporter I find myself agreeing with a lot. He usually offers views with common sense and the lack of hyperbole but he's also funny and writes very clearly yet forceful with his message. He detests sports blogs but he started his own to offer his takes or preview his column. You'll find some good tidbits there as well. If there's one sportswriter I want to meet, it'd be him.

Pop & Hiss - The LA Times music blog. Self-explanatory cause I'm biased to reading stuff from my city's critics, led by critic emeritus Ann Powers and hip-hop head Jeff Weiss (aka Passion of the Weiss - that's his blog for more hip hop*)

*Weiss and his team did a great list of the 50 Albums of the 2000's, worth checking out.

Varsity Times Insider - The LA Times high school blog. Best source of HS coverage in the city.

Current Copelands - Funny how Caitlin was my sister's friend via a friend back in the day and she's become mine since we reconnected on Facebook. She often posts pics from her travels around the world as well as promotes a few other things. Check her out.

Crumbs - My dude Crumbs balances the silly and serious better than anybody. Plus he's the only dude I know who admits to liking Tony Yayo. A New York cat who's worth following on Twitter, he often shares some wisdom on the rare times he posts. His latest blog is something I've thought for a while.

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