Monday, March 22, 2010

March Madness Update (Where Virgo Laughs at Kansas)

By now, my anger at Kansas has subsided to laughter. The No. 1 overall seed has lost to Northern Iowa and a kid named Ali. Ali shocks the world again! This qualifies as the biggest tournament upset in years. Even in a crazy March Madness - this stands out.

Kansas has a history of choking in the postseason. This team lost in 2005 and 2006 in the first round (Bucknell?? Who?) The 1996-97 team were the favorites to win and lost in the Sweet 16. So add this to their list of choke jobs and chalk it up higher. So I'm laughing at the Jayhawks for fooling us all into thinking they could actually win the title.

But I'm still crumpling up my bracket, taking it out back and shooting it down like Old Yeller. And still hopeful because you know that movie didn't end on a sad note.

Day 3 was strange - a No. 1 (Kansas), No. 2 (Villanova) and No. 3 (Baylor) went down. And yet Day 4 (Sunday) was almost normal. Duke won. Michigan State survived Maryland in probably one of the best endings in recent memory. Except for that Purdue squad winning. Blah - I needed them not to show motivation and desire to prove they could win without their All-American Robbie Hummel.

As far as my bracket goes. Still got Kansas State, Duke and Kentucky looking solid in the Final Four. Still got Ohio State and Syracuse and Baylor looking good in the Elite Eight. No worries. All six of them got through easily.

But the Sweet 16 is where real bracketology comes through. Let's hope I'm good.

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