Monday, March 22, 2010

Rollllllll Call (Allow Me To Reintroduce My Peeps)

I realized that one year in, I've made some good acquaintances or come across some great blogs. So I think it's only appropriate I tell you about my blog roll in the hopes you might check them out.

August and Jejune - a buddy from one of my sister churches named Nathan. He's a brilliant writer and we've discussed books and life from time to time. I love his writing style and he occasionally posts some of his poetry.

Bastard Swordsman - he needs no introduction. Dart Adams is one of the best bloggers in the game (on hip-hop, sports, whatever) and he's inspired a lot of folks to step their game up. Can't lie if I didn't say he inspired me. He discontinued Poisonous Paragraphs after 3 years and contributes to Bloggerhouse but he's back at his personal blog. You'll learn something trust me.

California Cornbread - One of the funniest dude's I've met on Twitter is Shane Morris. We love good music and the Dallas Cowboys. But he's also one of the smartest dudes and his blogs go from the serious, the musical, the creative, to the WTH? His blog will offend you, make you laugh, enlighten you and please your ears. Tread lightly - you may not like it at first, but something will grab your attention.

Clarity Defined - My dear friend Bree from college posts inspirational messages, photos she's taken (an amazing photographer) and other insights relating to faith, life and causes. You'll see why she has a heart of gold and deep passion for the world

Dazed and Amused - My girl Daze from San Diego usually shows love to her favorite artists or upcoming artists on her blog. For the musically inclined.

Dodger Thoughts - Arguably the best Dodger blogger out there, Jon Weisman has seen his site go from independent to being with the LA Times to now ESPN Los Angeles. He brings sanity to his takes on the Dodgers along with great insight and I think it comes from being an entertainment writer too.

Life Through My Eyes - One of my dearest friends, I met Amber at a summer camp some years ago. Shy at first, we've warmed up to be great friends despite being in different states and we share a love of writing. She bares her soul but she always remains optimistic. Writing with feeling is so hard to find these days.

That's all for now. I'll explain some more later since it's well past midnight here. Sleeping is definitely not overrated on E-TV

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