Monday, March 15, 2010

What a Screwy Day

You ever have one of those days that you know will be weird based on how it starts? Well today was like that and it didnt take long to start. It made me stop my March Madness blog and get a little personal.

I woke up to a message on my Blackberry to text a friend right away. Now this friend and I had been at odds last week and before I went to bed we cleared everything up. So to my surprise when I text her back she tells me something I didn't expect to hear.

A friend of ours on Twitter was a fake. The creation of a woman who used someone else's pictures and completely fabricated her life story. Some of you might think this isn't a surprise given the Internet and its nature but this has never happened to me before. It's like the worst Internet fear come true - someone that you trust and get to know for over a year turns out to be a fraud.

Needless to say it had a few of us bugging out and laughing in disbelief. I know its further proof you never know who you talk to on the net but I was just like wow. This woman conned nearly 100 people for a year and went through the trouble of creating two Facebook pages for our "friend Jodi" and her "brother", a blog and an unbelievable back story. I'm just dumbfounded.

This set the tone for an interesting day. I was questioned at the office about a missing camera that I had no idea where it was but it felt like instead of trying to get info about how to find the camera, I felt like I was grilled about how irresponsible I was and how this was my fault since the camera was signed out in my name.

Nevermind that two people have the key to the cabinet I thought it was locked in. All I did was tell my story and trusted the other person to let me know when he used the camera. Now I felt like I was on the hot seat because I was irresponsible instead of us trying to find out what happened to it. It's no using debating protocol when we need to replace it.

Oh and the 2nd person wasn't even her concern. Made me feel like this was my fault because I signed out for it and I'm feeling like yes legally you're right but what's more important. Scolding me or figuring out a solution?

The woman who handled my situation has made me upset several times since she's been there and I already went into it heated. I hate being disturbed on a Monday when I'm on deadline and to boot dealing with her with nuts.

Once I left the paper, I remembered why it's hard to stay angry - it was 80 degrees today and 5 p.m. looked like 1 p.m. I ended up at the beach and let all my worries wash away in the sunset and waves. Not to mention some BOMB red velvet yogurt from Yogurtland.

But the lesson that I learned - TRUST NOBODY that you can't personally vouch for having your back. Lies and mistrust and honor codes are mere words and when you're all said and done, I'm left wondering how all of this happened from start to finish.

Then I looked at the calendar a few minutes ago. March 15. The Ides of March. That explains it all. This day has already been predestined to be wacky since Caesar got stabbed in the back - literally. It all makes sense now.

*shakes my head as I get ready for CSI Miami/Monday Night RAW and resume bracketology*

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