Tuesday, March 30, 2010

VSR: Donovan's Being Done Dirty

Donovan McNabb will most likely be traded from the Eagles between now and the NFL Draft on April 24. And one of the most underrated quarterbacks of my era will unfortunately be cast out to pasture if the rumors are true that the Raiders are the leading candidate.

It's a shame. McNabb did everything for Philadelphia except win a Super Bowl. He's arguably the greatest player to wear an Eagles uniform (Ron Jaworski, Reggie White, Chuck Bednarik also in the conversation) but he never got the respect of the fans because he was labeled as a choker.

As a Cowboys fan, my memories of McNabb aren't good. The 14-second scramble and long pass to Freddie Mitchell on Monday Night Football. Beating us 44-6 to end the 2008 season. Watching him go to 5 NFC title games. But my last memory will be a good one - beating the Eagles twice, including our 1st playoff win since 96.

But I also remember McNabb in 02 breaking his ankle and going 20-for-25 with 4 TD's in the game. Who'll forget 4th-and-26 against the Packers in the playoffs to save the season? And there's the 2004 NFC title game with Michael Vick - a historic first for two Black quarterbacks.

Not enough Philly fans embraced him. He was hated in 1998 because he was drafted instead of Ricky Williams. He was hated because he could never get to a Super Bowl and when he did, he was more famous for puking on the field and overshadowed by Terrell Owens' gutsy performance.

Worse he got crapped by media critic Rush Limbaugh who called him an average quarterback propped up because the media wanted to see a Black QB succeed. (cue looney music)

Nevermind that in the 2000's - he was arguably one of the league's top QB's when healthy. Nevermind that he morphed from a dual-threat QB into a pure passer who rarely turned to ball over (the 3rd best interception rate of ALL TIME) or had no help at WR besides Brian Westbrook or T.O. (in 04) until 2008 when DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin came in.

And by the way, he has a Top-5 active winning percentage and went to 6 Pro Bowls.

He never got the respect from anybody because he was easygoing and unconfrontational. People saw his smile and Campbell commercials and didn't think he was a competitor. They saw him get hurt from 2005-07 and figured they were right. But all he did was win and say the right things.

I guess all of that doesn't matter nowadays. But while LaDainian Tomlinson had his pick of contenders to choose from, McNabb is only left with....the Raiders? The worst organization in pro football? He couldn't go to a contender or a team with a chance to win at least 8 games next year?

This isn't the way a borderline Hall of Fame quarterback is supposed to end his career. He deserves the chance to improve his candidacy these next 3-4 years and develop Jackson and Maclin into great WR's while praying for another tailback to take the load off him.

Yeah, it's not personal, its business. Then why does this stink of treachery for one of the NFL's high character guys and most successful players of the last decade?

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