Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 1 of the Madness (Dizzy)

Kansas, Kansas State, Duke, and Kentucky - My Final Four picks. Yeah, I hate picking against Syracuse but I think that a key injury to their center will be a factor. My full bracket is up on Facebook. 2010 Bracket Challenge - Brackets of Genius.

Now here's what we saw on Day 1

- 5 Double Digit Seeds Winning
- Georgetown had the biggest choke job in recent NCAA Tournament memory. Really? A No. 3 seed expected to sneak into the Final Four loses by double digits? Yeah Right.
- Murray State made Pres. Obama look like a prophet.
- BYU and Florida having the best game of the day in double OT.
- Villanova scaring the crap out of me and everyone else against...Robert Morris? Overrated.
- Texas being up 8 in overtime and still losing because of fundamental mistakes. Great season, boys.
- San Diego State losing and being reminded that my alma mater has more NCAA Tourney wins than the Aztecs. USD >>>> San Diego State once again.
- Almost every game went to the wire.

No words for Georgetown. Biggest choke since Iowa State in 2001. Down by double digits. A program known for its defense that embarrassed Duke on national TV. Unbelievable. Bad enough Villanova had to go to overtime against a 15 seed that outplayed it to the end but Georgetown actually failed.

And you wonder why the first four days of March Madness are the best in sports? Bad day at the Bracket but overall the war is still under control. The road to the Final Four is still straight even if one of my Elite 8 teams kicked the bucket.

Let's what Day 2 brings.

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